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Warning for California residents.

Trident Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic Sheets Type A


Trident PVC outperforms alternate materials such as wood with superior impact strength and dimensional stability. It will not swell or absorb moisture and is an excellent alternative for upholstery applications. Manufactuers and boat builders find it easy to fabricate with exceptional staple and screw retention and proven track record - durable and long lasting. 


PVC Foam Sheet or expanded PVC is a durable, closed-cell, free foam PVC sheet material. PVC‘s unique characteristics make it ideal for POP displays, signage, kiosks, dimensional lettering, and display boards. PVC is great for painting or laminating and has the perfect surface on which to print your designs. The superior scratch resistance makes it an excellent choice for banners in harsh environments such as industrial areas or stadiums.


    • Weather Resistant
    • The ideal surface for digital print
    • Heat formable and chemical resistant
    • Superior dent and scratch resistance
    • Lightweight yet rigid and durable



    • Marine applications
    • Building & Construction/ Flooring
    • Signage, and retail displays
    • Countertop Templates/Cabinetry
    • Packaging


Easily formed into just about any shape imaginable using wood and foam board fabrication techniques. Click here to learn more about Trident PVC products