Cutting & Custom Fabrication

Farco Plastics Supply has invested in automated cutting processes to save our customers time, reduce waste and lower overall costs. Farco Plastics Supply also offers a number of custom fabrication services, including routing, drilling, bending, and polishing. Inquire with your local sales representative about of services.


Farco Plastics Supply offers a closed-loop recycling system, in that, wherever possible, collected materials are processed and kept domestically and out of the landfills. Farco Plastics Supply Recycling primarily focuses on post-industrial plastic scrap. We offer balers, trailers, gaylords, and many other solutions to help make the recycling process as easy as possible. Some of the materials we specialize in are ABS, TPO, PC, HIPS, PETG, HIPS, PET, LDPE, PP, HDPE, HMW, and many more.

Packaging and Delivery

At Farco Plastics Supply, we take pride in how our material is packaged and delivered. It is our job to ensure the delivery of your product is accurate, consolidated, protected, palletized and most importantly, on time. We understand the importance of communication and the impact our materials have on your business. At Farco Plastics Supply, we are proud of our on time delivery rate and work diligently to stock materials based on our customers and market needs.


Next-day and Same-Day delivery is the standard for all stocked materials. As we mentioned, we work best when our customers are successful! At every Farco Plastics Supply location, we offer a same-day, next day or scheduled pick-up option. With six warehouses across the country, our local teams enjoy servicing customers from our pick-up counters. This is a great option for fast and reliable service!