Dymonic FC Tube 30/Case

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Warning for California residents.

Dymonic FC Tube: The Ultimate Sealant Solution

Unlock the potential of your projects with the Dymonic FC Tube, crafted by Farco Plastics. This sealant excels in flexibility and durability, ensuring robust performance for all your sealing needs.

Key Features

  • Highly durable yet flexible to withstand varying pressures
  • Fast skin time of 60 minutes, with a track-free period of 3-4 hours
  • Guaranteed not to crack under stress
  • Exceptional forming abilities for a flawless finish
  • Available in a variety of colors to match any design aesthetic

Common Applications

  • Seals expansion and control joints efficiently
  • Ideal for securing precast concrete panel joints
  • Perfect for perimeter caulking around windows, doors, and panels
  • Enhances the integrity of EIFS systems
  • Suitable for use on masonry and vinyl siding

Experience the difference with Dymonic FC Tube, the expert's choice for advanced sealant solutions. This product leverages innovative silane end-capped polymer technology to offer unmatched performance in dynamic environments. It is your go-to option for ensuring longevity and aesthetic integrity in your construction projects.

Why Choose Dymonic FC Tube?

  • Reduces maintenance costs with its durable composition
  • Saves time on projects with its quick-curing capability
  • Offers versatility with its wide range of applications
  • Enhances project aesthetics with color-matching options
  • Ensures long-lasting seals without the risk of cracking

Ready to achieve professional-grade sealing results? Visit Farco Plastics today and get the best in sealant technology with Dymonic FC Tube. Shop now!

Do not use in chlorinated, potable, heavy or wastewater.


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