Vulkem 116 Tube 30/Case

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Warning for California residents.

Vulkem 116: High-Performance Polyurethane Sealant

When durability and flexibility meet superior sealing, Vulkem 116 emerges as the go-to solution. Engineered for dynamic joints, this gun-grade, moisture-curing polyurethane sealant ensures reliable performance in a variety of commercial construction scenarios.

Key Features

  • Water-immersion compatible for versatile use
  • Accommodates up to +/-25% joint movement
  • Performance boost possible with Vulkem Catalyst 45/116
  • Robust and maintains flexibility over time
  • Available in multiple colors to match any design

Potential Applications

  • Seals poured and precast concrete effectively
  • Essential for quality masonry work
  • Ideal for window and door perimeter sealing
  • Perfect for construction joints requiring lasting protection
  • Suitable for various general-purpose sealing tasks

Vulkem 116 offers a tailored solution to meet the demands of extensive commercial construction projects. With its ability to perform under varying conditions and its compatibility with numerous substrates, this sealant stands out as a preferred choice. Whether you are dealing with high-movement joints or simply need a reliable sealant that will last, Vulkem 116 delivers performance you can trust.

Why Choose Vulkem 116?

This sealant is not just about protecting structures; it's about ensuring integrity and longevity. The choice of professionals for over 30 years, Vulkem 116 has proven its ability to handle the most demanding sealing tasks with unparalleled ease and effectiveness.