Vulkem 116 Tube 30/Case

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Warning for California residents.

Vulkem 116

When you need a sealant that will perform in dynamic joints, Vulkem 116 is your answer. It's a polyurethane, gun grade, moisture curing sealant that's flexible and durable. Preferred choice in commercial construction applications for sealing expansion joints with its 30-year history.


    • Suitable for certain water immersion applications.
    • Rated for +/-25% movement capability
    • Sealant can be accelerated with the addition of the Vulkem Catalyst 45/116
    • Durable, flexible
    • Variety of colors



    • Poured and precast concrete
    • Masonry work
    • Window and door perimeters
    • Construction joints
    • General-purpose


Do not use in chlorinated, potable, heavy or wastewater.


Data sheet:

Vulkem 116 Safety Data Sheet

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