UHMW Black Sheets

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Warning for California residents.

UHMW Black Sheets (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) 48" x 96"

UHMW Black Sheets is a common machinable plastic known for its durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness as well as abrasion, impact and chemical resistances. FDA compliant natural virgin UHMW is used in applications where high levels of friction are likely to arise. Because of its low friction and wear resistance, this material is key in applications where chemical resistance is also important. In addition, UHMW Black Sheets are moisture resistant, oil resistant and UV tolerant, making it an excellent choice for wear material, as well as impact strength.


    • Chemical/Corrosion Resistant
    • Non-Fiction Surface
    • Moisture and Oil Resistant
    • Excellent Impact Strength 
    • Black Smooth



    • Food Service Cabinetry
    • Docks and Dock Fenders
    • Boom Trucks and Outrigger Pads
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Exhibits and kiosks


High abrasion resistance and excellent waterproof capabilities