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Warning for California residents.

Explore the exceptional versatility and superior durability of our Acrylic Mirror Sheets. Designed for high performance and optimal safety, these mirror sheets stand out in various demanding environments. They offer an ideal alternative to traditional glass, boasting enhanced safety and longevity features. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, they bring clarity and durability to any project.

Key Features

  • Impact Resistant
  • Easily cut, drilled, and polished
  • Long-term durability
  • Weather resistant
  • Optimal optical clarity


  • Aerospace components
  • Architectural glazing
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Skylights for natural lighting
  • Dynamic point-of-purchase displays
  • Optical devices

Acrylic Mirror Sheets deliver unmatched quality and performance where it matters most. They are an excellent choice for projects requiring high impact resistance and visibility. Lightweight and easy to handle, they provide a safer, more practical solution for spaces that require mirrored surfaces.

With their ability to withstand different weather conditions, these sheets prove ideal for both external facades and interior applications. Their ease of customization allows them to fit nearly any design specifications, making them a top choice for innovative design projects.

Whether upgrading your aerospace gear, designing a new retail display, or revamping architectural features, Acrylic Mirror Sheets offer the reliability and aesthetic appeal you need.

Ready to enhance your project with our high-quality Acrylic Mirror Sheets? Order now to take advantage of their superior performance and durability. Bring brilliance and resilience to your space with Farco Plastics!