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All Farco warehouses have an extensive inventory of quality materials for immediate shipment to industrial buyers, contractors, designers, and fabricators. We are committed to providing each customer with the best service and quality in the industry.. Farco plastics is a major supplier in distributing plastic sheet, plastic rod & plastic tube to the U.S market. We have stocked inventory in all our locations and offer value added services, which enhance our ability to provide the best service and quality available in the industry. We specialize in several industries including; Marine Industry, Engineered Plastics, Digital and Screen Printing, Framing Industry, Glazing Industry, Sign and Graphics Industry, and Prosthetics.

Farco Plastics Supply Orlando Store Front

Address:                          3093 Caruso Ct Suite 10
                                          Orlando, FL 32806-8556

General Manager:                             Neil Zeigler
Telephone:                                        407-888-2108
Toll Free:                                           800-243-2726  


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